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Choosing the right travel app can be just as confusing as deciding what to do when visiting a new destination. Most of our competitors are large technological corporations who focus on a cluttered, advertised and monetised platform which, in all or most cases, increases the cost for the user or reduces the margins for the service provider. This always excludes the “small hidden gems” providing excellent services because often they just cannot afford to lose revenue through expensive advertising campaigns or pay booking commissions. To this end, we’ve combed through dozens of the latest travel apps (and a few mobile websites) to determine which tools are the most useful for localised impulse based activities, how to get there and saving money along the way. To trial our strategy, we have focused on the Welsh Valleys. The reason for this is that we just fell in love with it and wanted to share it with the world…So welcome to GoValley, your local adventure.

What is “GoValley” and why are we different? Our new mobile service focuses on a specific location providing real- time information and free booking service to promote the localised tourist activities. We aim to inform, sign post and assist tourists to book activities within the locality making it so much easier for the tourist to enjoy the local activities with ease and at a low cost. The benefits are as simple as our strategy; there is no “booking fee” for the tourist and no “commission” payable for the service provider. GoValley is easy, affordable and will enable you to explore with a click of a button.

Everyone involved with GoValley has a mutual love and admiration for this beautiful area of Wales, and we are all equally excited to share all of its local charms with the thousands of new visitors that come here every year. Our aim and goal with this app is simple- we want to give our users the innovative ability to explore the hidden world of localised tourist activities and leave them with an unforgettable memory of the Valleys.

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